A.R.T. Lecture

A Taste of Harvard: the Ann Radcliffe Trust lecture is offered during the College’s orientation for first-year students. The goal of the lecture is to expose students to a senior female faculty member doing innovative and exciting work that will invigorate them for what lies ahead in their time at Harvard.  In so doing, we honor the legacy of Ann Radcliffe and other pioneers of women’s education in Harvard and Radcliffe history. The Ann Radcliffe Trust lecture series has been a part of the Women's Center programming since 2008.

Students creating a mosaic for the ART lecture and Global Day of Service Collaboration


The 2021 Ann Radcliffe Trust Lecture honors the work of Dr. Bonnie Talbert. Dr. Talbert is currently the Associate Director of Studies in Social Studies, and has taught courses on social and political theory, existentialism, philosophy of psychology, effective altruism, friendship, and more. In 2021 she is completing a Professional Certificate in Restorative Justice and Leadership, and will be teaching an engaged scholarship course on restorative and transformative justice. The focus of her meeting will be on creating powerful connections for community engagement. After the lecture, student volunteers will work together to create mosaics that represent social justice work in its many forms. These mosaics will be displayed in public service spaces on campus.


With the changes to First-Year Orientation and the academic calendar in 2020, the ART Lecture was not held.


Flavia C. Peréa, Director, Mindich Program in Engaged Scholarship, Lecturer on Social Studies
"We Are Better When We Think and Act Together: Engaged Inquiry and the Pursuit of Justice"


Gabriela Soto Laveaga, Professor of the History of Science
"Questioning Historical Narratives: Rethinking the Limits of Knowledge with the History of Science"


Sarah Lewis, Assistant Professor of History of Art and Architecture and African and African American Studies
"Vision & Justice: Why Images Matter for Race, Ethnicity, and American Citizenship"


Marcyliena Morgan, Professor of African and African American Studies, Executive Director of the HipHop Archive and Research Institute
"“If I Ruled the World – Imagine That”: The Politics of Speech and Solidarity in the Age of Hiphop"


Anne Harrington, Franklin L. Ford Professor of the History of Science, Co-Master of Pforzheimer House
“Bodies Behaving Badly: Some Strange Things We Learn About Bodies from History, And Why They Matter” 


Diana Eck, Professor of Comparative Religion and Indian Studies, Master of Lowell House
"Ready or Not: A World of Religious Difference!  Change, Challenge, and Controversy in the American Religious Landscape"


Ingrid Monson, Quincy Jones Professor of African American Music at Harvard University
"Black Popular Music and Cultural Transformation"


Jill Lepore, David Woods Kemper ’41 Professor of American History
"The Meaning of Life: A History"


Kathleen Coleman, James Loeb Professor of the Classics  Department of the Classics
"What Do the Romans Have to Offer to the Class of MMXV, and Is It Something Nice?"


Pardis Sabeti, Assistant Professor Department of Organismic and Evolutionary Biology
“Outbreak:  Evolution, Genomics, and Infectious Disease”


Mahzarin R. Banaji, Richard Clarke Professor of Social Ethics
“Your Mind/Our Body: A Primer and Guide for the Next Four Years”


Evelynn Hammonds, Dean Emerita of Harvard College, Barbara Gutmann Rosenkrantz Professor of the History of Science and of African and African American Studies
“The Science of Mixed Peoples: Admixture, Genetics and Cultural Identity”